Photography Basics Class in cortez Colorado


Many of our fans and followers have been begging us through the years to do a photography class. We have been hesitant and thought with the easy access to information on the internet “what could we possibly teach that aspiring photographers and people who just want better pictures couldn’t find out for themselves”. Then about a month ago we got a call asking if we would do a photography class because while reading information helps, it does not allow for real world application and feedback. We decided to give a class a try and see what everyone thinks! The class will be held at our studio on November 1st at 121 Pinion St. in Cortez, Colorado from 6:00-8:30.

We will discuss various photography topics like composition, lighting, camera and lens choice as well as fun little tips to help improve your everyday photography skills.

The cost is only $35 per person but due to space, we are limited on the number of participants we can have. To register please visit and click on the nov 1st photography basics class.

Extra!  feel free to bring in a photo or two for group discussion and to help improve your photographic Eye!



Please let us know if you have any problems logging in or if there is any other assistance you might need!  We look forward to seeing you and helping make you a better photographer!