Photography Basics Class in cortez Colorado


Many of our fans and followers have been begging us through the years to do a photography class. We have been hesitant and thought with the easy access to information on the internet “what could we possibly teach that aspiring photographers and people who just want better pictures couldn’t find out for themselves”. Then about a month ago we got a call asking if we would do a photography class because while reading information helps, it does not allow for real world application and feedback. We decided to give a class a try and see what everyone thinks! The class will be held at our studio on November 1st at 121 Pinion St. in Cortez, Colorado from 6:00-8:30.

We will discuss various photography topics like composition, lighting, camera and lens choice as well as fun little tips to help improve your everyday photography skills.

The cost is only $35 per person but due to space, we are limited on the number of participants we can have. To register please visit and click on the nov 1st photography basics class.

Extra!  feel free to bring in a photo or two for group discussion and to help improve your photographic Eye!



Please let us know if you have any problems logging in or if there is any other assistance you might need!  We look forward to seeing you and helping make you a better photographer!




Changes taking place at Legacy Imagery

6 going on 16

To all of our friends and customers and facebook stalkers!!

We are excited to share some fabulous changes coming in the very near future.  As you may have heard we are expanding our family with number 3  (still on the way)!  My beautiful wife works very hard to keep the studio running smoothly, but has sacrificed staying home with her children to do so.  With two children and a new addition soon to come, we have decided to move our studio operation off mainstreet and to our home. The main reason being is so that our children can be raised at home instead of at the studio!  This move will benefit everyone in several ways.

First, we are going to sell the JC Penny Catalog Store and our custom picture framing equipment (if interested please let us know).  This will allow us to focus on what we love which is photography and making you smile!

Second, having a retail location is nice but costs a great deal to operate.  By moving, we will be able to keep our prices reasonable allowing us to more easily compete with our competition in Durango who need to have high sitting fees and $75 8×10’s just so they can pay rent.

Third, in addition to the services we already offer, we will now be offering in home photography shoots called lifestyle shoots.  This is a more candid approach to capturing your family living, laughing, and loving together.  This is becoming popular for newborn photography because studies have shown that newborns are most comfortable in their own home with scents, sites, and the surroundings they are used to.  Along with lifestyle shoots, we will be offering in-home viewings so that you can see what your pictures will look in your own home.

Lastly, the majority of our photography right now takes place outside or on location so this service will not change.  However, at seasonal times throughout the year (If we get enough requests), then we will lease a space so that we can provide the traditional studio photography for times when the weather is just too cold to play outside.

Please help us spread the word that we are NOT closing we are just moving!  We will continue to provide the same great customer service and quality photography (ie: senior, family, newborn, wedding, etc.) we always have but with some improvements!  If you have any suggestions on services you would like us to consider adding please let us know.  Otherwise have a terrific day and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Elliot & Wendy


Cute Kids Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated!! We have had tons of fun with this and hope to continue to do this each year. We think that all of the Kids are so cute and there is no way we could pick just one cute kid, so we are letting all of you cast your votes!!
How to Vote
Each child will have a letter or a number by their picture. Use those letters and numbers to vote for them. Send an e-mail with your votes for each category to:
Parents, friends, grandparents, neighbors, etc. are allowed to vote, but only vote once for each category each day.Voting will continue through the 10th of October. Parents if you have more than one child in a category, you are allowed to vote for both of them each day. So send in all of your votes!!
The winners will be announced on the 13th of October.

First place winners in each category will receive:
A Free Family Portrait Session, (1) $50 legacy Imagery gift certificate (transferable), and a bubbles package